Why Tagging and Implementation?

Once the right metrics to be collected, measured and analyzed have been determined through our data strategy, next step would be to implement the tags on the website. Incorrect tagging, or placing too many tags on your website can cause your website to slow down and interfere with the data collection; which in turn, can affect the validity of the data that is being collected.

We strive to do it once, and do it right.

We at Performlytics have seen it all. The most complex of solutions to the most simplest maintaining the final result – an error free, clean tagging implementation which leaves the website flawlessly collecting the data your business requires to grow.

How Will My Business Benefit With Our Tagging and Implementation?

Many businesses do not realize what exactly is trackable on a website. Having a data strategy designed for your business will help you understand:
  • What is trackable and what insights can be derived from that data
  • a data strategy against overall business goals
  • a well-designed, thorough data roadmap

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Solutions for Businesses

  • You’ve invested in a website and are looking to understand your customer’s pain points
  • You’re currently running a marketing campaign and are looking for actionable insights on areas to improve

Solutions for Startups

  • You’ve set up your analytics account and are looking for an audit to ensure you’ve set it up correctly based on your business goals
  • You can’t seem to understand why you’re not seeing a fair amount of traffic to your site

Solutions for Agencies

  • You need analysis on client accounts to ensure proper data is flowing into the analytics platforms