Performlytics can create dynamic, automated dashboards relevant to stakeholders to derive insights from your data.

Marketers need to spend more time analyzing data rather than creating reports. Moreover, the more real time the data is, the more effective you become in taking critical business decisions leading to a positive outcome.

We at Performlytics help build holistic and real time automated reports which are truly aligned with your business goals making sure that you are spending more time chewing data and focusing on driving your business numbers.

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Solutions for Businesses

  • You’re running a successful online business but are spending significant amount of time creating reports rather than analyzing them
  • You’re running multi channel digital marketing initiatives and do not know how to automate and consolidate data in one report
  • You’re a business that does not have access to real time data disabling you from making timely decisions critical to your business

Solutions for Startups

  • You’ve set up your analytics account but do not know how to pull and automate the data in a presentable format to analyze
  • You’ve just started online advertising and want access to an automated multi channel performance report in one dashboard
  • You’ve been creating all your reports manually and want a timely intervention of an automated report to save valuable man hours

Solutions for Agencies

  • You’ve been managing digital marketing initiatives for your client and want help in automating all of the daily client reports
  • You wish to not only automate client reports but also provide real time data to your clients
  • You want automated dashboards that possess real time data either in a visual or excel format