Performlytics devises a precise data strategy that maps key performance indicators to your business goals.

It is essential to narrow down and have the right objectives defined for your business. If you are not able to identify your ideal business objectives, it further leads you to establish KPI’s and goals that are not aligned with your business. This ends up with you putting together metrics that you do not want to measure, ultimately leading you to make incorrect business decisions

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Solutions for Businesses

  • You’ve invested in a website and are not sure whether you are tracking the right metrics
  • You’re currently running a marketing campaign and want help in setting up additional KPI’s to measure against your campaigns
  • You’re looking to revamp your website and want to have all your data setup correctly from the word go

Solutions for Startups

  • You’ve set up your website and analytics account and need help in creating meaningful data
  • You’re a ecommerce shop and need help in laying out your business goals and KPI’s
  • You’re a B2B business and need a head start to setup your website data once and for all

Solutions for Agencies

  • You wish to setup additional KPI’s for your clients business
  • You want to develop and implement a data strategy making sure that your client has all the right business objectives covered
  • You want to replace your client’s existing KPI’s and introduce a new measurement plan with fresh business objectives