Why Focus on Reporting & Automation?

The biggest problem we have seen with clients is that multi-departmental businesses operate in silos with no connectivity with their work. No holistic overview of the business but simple snapshots of reports pulled from analytics platforms.

Our sleek, automated, dynamic and easy to read dashboards give you valuable insights to metrics you’re actually interested in seeing.

How Will My Business Benefit from Reporting & Automation?

Our customized, automated reports can be set a schedule that is suitable for you with metrics highlighted based on what you’re interested in seeing. Some of things you’ll get:
  • Marketing and Media Optimization Dashboards
  • Sales Effectives and Churn Reporting
  • Social Media Performance
  • SEO Performance Reports
  • Website Performance Reports

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Solutions for Businesses

  • You’re spending too much time on reading out of the box reports and are looking for something more insightful
  • Your current reports are not helping you understand how well your business is doing
  • You’re looking for automated reporting solutions with insights

Solutions for Startups

  • You’ve hired a team of marketers to market your product and want to know when your marketing efforts are effective.
  • You’re looking for reporting that would track your business’ performance
  • You can’t seem to understand why you’re not seeing a fair amount of traffic to your site

Solutions for Agencies

  • You would like to provide better reporting services to your clients
  • You’re spending way too much time on reporting and wish to find an efficient way to report to your clients